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Iran’s Government Fears Its Presidential Election

Iran’s government in its eighth presidential election is stepping in a horror tunnel of uncertainty.

In our childhood many of us have made horror tunnels to play with our parents, sisters, and brothers. That’s a place where we do not know what is to be expected and whether we will survive when we enter this scary and dark place.

Now such a place has found an objective embodiment in the upcoming presidential election of the Iranian government.

Many government officials and experts one by one are speaking about the form of the implementation of this election which for the regime is becoming like passing through a horror tunnel.

And the cause of this fear of course is nothing else than the boycott of this presidential show by the people. So, this time they do not even care about the result of this show and are just concerned about the participation of the people.

About 65 days before the elections, the crisis of the non-participation of the people has become the main concern of the government. Both factions of this government are currently in search of the masses to force them to participate in the election, opponents say.

The state-run daily Arman on April 7, 2021, in an interview with Hossein Kanani Moghadam, the Secretary General of the so-called Green Party, pictured the regime’s situation which is truly a horror tunnel and explained the main duty of both factions as getting the people to the ballot box and suggested:

“Political factions must be mindful of the people voting. The main axis must be that the people come and vote.” (Arman, April 7, 2021)

In a separate interview with Farzaneh Torkan a Member of the Central Council of the so-called Brokers Party, about the participation of the people, the same paper wrote:

“We must first think about increasing people’s participation. There is no sign of electoral enthusiasm in the society. Some argue that the electoral body has lost its function.” (Arman, April 7, 2021)

The situation is so bad for the government that Kanani Moghadam sees no other solution in front of Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei and the regime’s president Hassan Rouhani than to solve all the economic and livelihood problems of the people in just 65 days, in the hope that the people would pay attention to the election.

“Elections will flourish if positive measures are taken on the people’s livelihood and economic discussion in these remaining months so that the people can see the effect on their desks. These include the stock market, the capital market, basic goods, the restoration of the salaries of retirees and employees, and the elimination of unemployment, which will quickly show its effects in society. Otherwise, the election will not be passionate.” (state-run daily Arman, April 7, 2021)

Farzaneh Torkan while mocking such a prediction said: “Even if a magician becomes president, he cannot make serious changes in the economic and living conditions of the people.” (Arman, April 7, 2021)

Such a situation reflects the fact that a country and its people, with all their four decades of experience, are not prepared to choose between ‘worse’ and ‘worst’ anymore, and they expect something other than the current clerical establishment.

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