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In an article on December 6th the National Council of Resistance of Iran wrote about the protests that occurred on the occasion of Student Day.  Students from universities in several cities staged demonstrations and protest gatherings to express their anger towards the regime.

Students in Tabriz gathered in front of the university, while  intelligence and plain-clothes agents of the regime made their presence known. They chanted, "Our last message to the incompetent regime: the freedom-loving nation is ready to rise up!”

Students in Zahedan in a ceremony held on December 5, chanted, ”Student dies, but does not accept humiliation" and "political prisoner must be freed". State officials pre-vented free entry of the students in an effort to stop the formation of student protests.

Students of Tehran 'Tarbiat Modarres" University repeatedly interrupted the speech of President Rouhani’s head of the Department of Environment, Ma’soumeh Ebtekar, and chanted, "Political prisoner must be freed". In protest at the catastrophic situation of air pollution in various cities, the students presented oxygen cylinder to Ma'soumeh Ebtekar.

In Tehran, students of 'Khajeh Nasir University’ wrote on large banners that were in-stalled on the walls of the amphitheater. 


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