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Iranians killed fighting in Syria buried in Qum and Mashhad

NCRI – Six Iranians killed in Syria fighting for Bashar al-Assad were buried on Thursday (October 2, 2014) in cities of Mashhad and Qum.

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Iran: Rouhani Continues Attempts to Control the West as Bombings Begin in Syria

By INU staff

INU - Hassan Rouhani has condemned the US-led coalition bombings that had begun on Monday against Islamic State targets inside of Syria.

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Iran, Terrorists, North Korea Scariest Cybersecurity Threats, Obama Officials Say

By Tim Starks

Roll Call - Russia and China might be the the most advanced (non-U.S.) countries when it comes to cyber operations, but the cybersecurity threats a group of Obama administration officials said they worried about most come from another place. Namely: the countries and groups that are not “deterrable.”

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Canada: Iranian regime acts negative way in every single country in the region

NCRI - Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird told the United Nations Security Council Friday that his country will continue to support the fight against the ISIS, but when asked by reporters about a possible Iranian role he did not waver from Canada's tough stance toward the Iranian regime.

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Iran: Military Propaganda

By INU staff

INU - While it is possible that Iranian willingness to participate in a US-led coalition against IS might signify an overall softening of the Iranian position on the issue, Iranian officials’ recent comments seem to paint a different picture. The offer of help against IS in exchange for flexibility on the nuclear issue may be said to indicate Iranian overconfidence about its importance to US strategy in the region.

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Iran: Tehran tries to delegitimize US led coalition against ISIS

By Inu staff

INU - The New York Post  quoted from an NBC interview with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, pointing out on Thursday that the so-called moderate politician had been harshly criticizing the US for its approach to dealing with the threat from Islamic State militants. Rouhani accused the US of attempting to wage a war “without any sacrifice,” reiterating comments previously made by his Foreign Minister to the effect that the US is “not serious” about the conflict.

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