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Iran: Quds Force commander makes secret visit to Syria - Report

NCRI- The commander of the Iranian regime's terrorist Quds Force made a secret trip to Syria. The visit demonstrates the close military and intelligence coordination between Syrian regime of Bashar Assad and the Iranian regime, Al Arabiya reports.

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The further sign that Iran’s recent attempts at outreach to other Asian powers-Pakistan

In a further sign that Iran’s recent attempts at outreach to other Asian powers are motivated by an attempt to secure long term alliances against the US and other Western democracies, Ayatollah Khamenei welcomed Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on his visit to Tehran, and promptly warned him against perceived threats from those countries.

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Iran Threatens U.S. Navy with ‘Suicide Missions’

Free Beacon: by Adam Kredo- Iranian naval commander said that he is prepared to order suicide attacks, drone strikes, and missile technology to “destroy the U.S. Navy” in any upcoming confrontation, according to an interview printed in Iran’s state-run media.

Iranian Naval Commander Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, a member of Iran’s elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), said that Iran is constantly training and preparing for a clash with the United States, according to a recounting of his remarks provided by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

Fadavi revealed that Iran “compensates for its technological inferiority to the United States with a strategy of asymmetrical warfare, including suicide attacks and the use of speedboat and its missile capability,” according to MEMRI.

Additionally, Fadavi revealed that on “at least” three occasions senior U.S. officials have contacted Iran to establish a telephone hot line like the one used between the Soviet Union and the United States during the Cold War era.

Fadavi’s military threats come amid a massive military buildup by Iran, which claims to have duplicated and armed a downed U.S. drone and to have developed advanced ballistic missiles that could be capable of carrying a nuclear payload.

Fadavi additionally revealed in another interview earlier this month that the IRGC is preparing to use drones to perform suicide attacks and also arming drones to fire missiles.

While the United States possesses advanced military equipment, “these weapons are ineffective against a new [Iranian] strategy relying on faith, on a desire for martyrdom, and on [Iran's] unique speedboats,” Fadavi said.

Iran will “not allow the U.S. to act against it from its bases in the Persian Gulf countries,” according to Fadavi, who claimed that U.S. forces in the region are being careful “not to cause a flare-up in the region because they know that they will lose any potential conflict with Iran,” according to MEMRI’s report on Fadavi’s remarks.

“U.S. naval forces in the region,” Fadavi claimed, “are obeying the orders of the IRGC” and “fear that Iranian vessels or missiles will target them.”

Iran maintains close conduct with its regional neighbors and will act to prevent the U.S. Navy from acting in the Persian Gulf, according to Fadavi.

Iran is also keeping a close eye on U.S. aircraft carriers, which a range of Iranian military officials have discussed destroying in recent weeks and months.

“The American aircraft carriers, which are the symbol of American military might, are under full oversight of the IRGC,” Fadavi was quoted as saying by MEMRI.

“The Americans and the rest of the world know that one of the IRGC navy’s operational goals is to destroy the U.S. Navy,” he said.

Fadavi additionally revealed that Iran has, “for many years now,” been building “models of American destroyers, cruisers, and frigates, and sinking them.”

“The Americans do not know most of the details, and their research institutes have presented very rough data regarding the scale models of aircraft carriers that we are building,” Fadavi said, adding that the Iranian navy can sink these duplicated U.S. ships “within 50 seconds.”

Fadavi said that the Iranian military trains so intensely in fighting U.S. warships so that if war eventually breaks out it can ensure “the defeat and humiliation of the Americans.”

“We want to drill operational and tactical operations of attacking an aircraft carrier,” he was quoted as saying.

The amendment would further require Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to fully detail any contractor that “has conducted a significant transaction with an Iranian person” or its government.

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May 16, 2014 

Iran has a significant role in Sudan's arms industry

Your Middle East: Evidence suggests Iran has played a key role in supporting war-torn Sudan's weapons production and that Tehran has also been Khartoum’s second-biggest supplier of arms, a study said Monday. Some of those imported arms, along with others from China, have reached rebel groups in Sudan as well as South Sudan, said the Small Arms Survey report based on more than two years of investigation.

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Report: Iran may evolve into hacking superpower

Sc Magazine: Threats have grown in sophistication from website defacement to politically motivated cyber espionage. 

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'Iran owes al Qaeda invaluably,' ISIS spokesman says

Long War Journal: In a response to al Qaeda emir Ayman al Zawahiri's latest attempt at reconciliation with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham, ISIS spokesman Abu Muhammad al Adnani made a startling admission: Al Qaeda has ordered its fighters and branches to refrain from attacking the Iranian state in order to preserve the terror group's network in the country.

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Iran Protests 2018

Free Iran 2018 Gathering - 30 June 2018 - Villepinte, Paris

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