In an interview with Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA; German Press Agency), he said he expects the Arab Summit in Jordan to state the same stance and policy. He dismissed the differences between the GCC countries, stressing that the GCC member states are united on overall issues. He called out Oman’s recent joining of the Saudi-led Islamic coalition, adding that the official declaration of the GCC union is “just a matter of time”.

Steps and cooperation agreements between the GCC member states were cited by the Information Minister, which raised the size of the GCC bilateral trade exchange from $6 billion in 2003, to more than $140 billion at present, as an example. 

Al Romaihi, who is also Board of Trustees Chairman of Bahrain Institute for Political Development,said that Iran’s implication in regional instability is clear and undeniable. 

Bahraini security bodies’ success in exposing many spying and terror cells related to Iran and its internal and external military arms was pointed out by the Information Minister. He noted that other terror operations, including smuggling weapons and explosives, were also thwarted. He said, ”All those incidents were documented and court rulings were issued regarding them.”

He called on all to understand the basis of the problem, pointing to Iran’s policy of exporting revolution to the countries in the region, by interfering in their affairs, fanning sectarianism, providing support to their terror organizations, and waging defamatory and provocative campaigns by political and religious figures.