The IRGC news agency of Fars quoted from this IRGC commander in a speech in the city of Hamedan, western Iran, and wrote on May 4 (this news agency removed this news from its website the next day): “Today we are fighting in Syria due to our interests and our defense is like the eight-year war with Iraq.”

Contrary to regime’s claims that it has no military presence in Syria, Hamedani added, “Today we have 130,000 forces trained by IRGC who are waiting for the entry into Syria.”

Hamedani did not mention the result of mullahs’ regime support from Bashar Assad and the killings of 150,000 of the people of Syria and he did not speak about the killings of hundreds of thousands in the war with Iraq as well. 

Hamedani mentioned the supports of Syria from Iran in the early years that Khomeini came to power and the eight-year Iran-Iraq war and said: “Our military forces gave their experiences to the Syrian forces and trained them. Bashar Assad is fighting on behalf of us.” 

According to this news agency, this military commander has said that in all provinces of Iran a support department for Syrian people has been formed and their share of the amount of support has been specified. 

Few days ago, Hossein Hamedani had also said in a speech in Rasht, one of the northern cities of Iran: “At the time that we did not have any currency and ammunition reserves in the eight-year war with Iraq, Syria supported us and gave us missiles. In many operations that we waited for ammunition Syria gave us ammunition.  About Hezbollah of Lebanon, if today they have great achievements that came from Syria. All our backing was the Syrian government and through Syria we supported Hezbollah of Lebanon.” The external news agency of IRGC called Tasnim on 1st May 2014.