Published two weeks after start of extensive military operations by Assad forces and their allies to gain control of Aleppo, the exact date the video was shot is not clear but Iraqi militants have alleged that the commander of Quds Force is in Aleppo.

Iraqi militants earlier acknowledged that the Iranian regime dispatched a large number of militants from Iraq to Syria.  According to Iranian state media, Qassem Soleimani has also participated in the war in Iraq against Sunni areas such as Fallujah. The presence of Qassem Soleimani in Iraq was at the official request of Iraqi government, claims the Iranian regime.  

Iraqi militants say that they will go to Syria to fight in defense of the Assad regime, after the fighting in Mosul ends.

And, while the world is horrified at the atrocities committed against the defenseless people of Aleppo, the NCRI reports that the highest authorities of the Iranian regime admit to undertaking these crimes, and more shockingly, congratulate each other.

In a message to Qasem Soleimani, commander of the Qods Force, Mullah Ali Shirazi, Khamenei’s representative, described the horrible crimes in Aleppo as “a proud” and “unmatched triumph”, and “the biggest festival on the eve of the Prophet’s birth anniversary”, and congratulated him.

He called the mercenaries deployed to Aleppo”defenders of the shrine”, and asked them to hold a prayer of gratitude.

The clerical regime calls its Revolutionary Guards and agents deployed to Aleppo and other fronts of the war in Syria “defenders of the shrine”.  However, the city of the Shrine is 300 kilometers away. The spirit of Islam and Muslims around the world are appalled by the unprecedented and horrifying atrocities in Aleppo, and renounce them.

Reports coming out of Aleppo, via live streams on Twitter, show militants linked to the Iranian regime and Assad’s regime executing defenseless civilians and burning the corpses of children and women. The medical staff of Al-Hayat hospital in Kolasse neighborhood of Aleppo were among those executed.  The besieged neighborhoods of Eastern Aleppo are covered by bodies, according to the Syrian emergency organization. Dozens of civilians are buried under rubble, and their cries an be heard, heartbreaking, as there is no possibility of saving them. 

Syrian opposition leaders say 1800 people have been executed, 600 women arrested and many have gone missing during the past few days.