The chairman of the Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy, Alaeddin Boroujerdi, boasted that the events in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq show that Iran can “singly (…) challenge all the great powers of the world”.

Another member of parliament from the Supreme Leader’s faction, Aziz Akbarian, who has been a part of the IRGC for almost three decades, said that Iran must “conquer” its enemies abroad.

The Vice President of the Parliament, Ali Mottaharri, said that “IRGC Intelligence has expanded and has reached to the issues of media, journalists, or universities, students, and student publications (…) and has given human rights excuses to the enemies”.e said that the opposition of the people to human rights violations is “a political and security problem” that has harmed the regime in recent years.

Hangman Alavi said with reference to Khamenei: “We are following the authority that is entrusted to us by the great Supreme Leader (Velayat-e-Faqih), we respect that, we are committed to that, and for the reduction of our powers in this path, we do not make any reaction. If the Supreme Leader gives all the authority of the Ministry of Intelligence to other institutions, we will accept that and respectfully comply with it. We respect the institutions that enjoy such powers … Today’s interaction between the Ministry of Intelligence and intelligence agencies, including the IRGC, is good. “

President Rouhani spoke about Pourmohammadi, one of the executioners during the 1988 massacre of political prisoners, saying that he was a faithful “servant” to the regime that “performed his duties well”. He said that he “played his part in the field of human rights, citizens’ rights and combating corruption in this government”. He is set to be replaced by henchman Alireza Avaei as Minister of Justice, another member of the so-called “Death Committee” who has been on the EU sanctions list since 2011.

Rouhani’s defence minister-designate, Amir Hatami, a former member of the repressive Bassij paramilitary forces, said that the country’s missile program will be a priority for the next few years. He said: “We will enhance the missile power in all fields, especially in the fields of ballistic and cruise missiles, in the course of this period.”

He also pledged allegiance to the terrorist Qods Force and called Qassem Soleimani the country’s “pride”.
Ahmad Amir-Abadi of the regime’s parliament said that Hatami has been a loyal “soldier” to the Supreme Leader for the past 30 years.