Among its client organizations is Hamas, which has fired missiles into Israel that bear the fingerprints of Iranian arms sales and Iranian technical assistance in the improvement of domestically-made weapons. This, of course, reflects extremist Iranian policies and attitudes towards Israel – policies and attitudes that were reiterated by the supreme leader in a series of recent posts on Twitter.

Recognizably supporting both Hamas attacks against Israel and Iranian participation in those attacks, Khamenei used the social networking site to describe Israel as a “sinister filthy rabid dog in the region” and to make a series of other incendiary remarks about the Jewish state, according to The Algemeiner. 

The Turkish newspaper Today’s Zaman reports on Iranian involvement in a Turkish terrorist organization known as Tawhid-Salam, the leaders of which are closely affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force. A recent trial of eight members of the group revealed that leaders had been trained in Iran to carry out terrorist activities in Turkey, had conducted intelligence operations for Iran, and gave weapons to the Quds Force for use in attacks in other foreign locations.

 Tawhid-Salam also was apparently planning an attack on the US Consulate General in Istanbul in 2010. This makes it even more alarming that Today’s Zaman claims that a three year long Turkish police investigation of the group has been abandoned due to political pressure, in a move that is perhaps indicative of Turkey or some of its political groups drifting into the orbit of Iranian power.