The regime’s strategy has been to set up organisations and local groups that work on a smaller scale but in line with the bigger picture. Discourse is used to influence local populations and, bit by bit, almost without anyone realising, it has a portion of control before anyone has a chance to react.

The regime has operated in this way for decades and has gained some degree of power in numerous countries including Syria, Yemen and Iraq. It exploits weakness and looks for opportunities to take advantage of.

It has spent billions in recent years on its adventures abroad and all but ignored the pressing issues that are destroying the lives of those living in Iran. Regime officials, of course, have no such worries. They ensure that their own pockets are lined.
Iran has invested considerably in Syria and it has propped up the country’s president – Bashar al Assad – and his regime.

The civil war would have no doubt ended years ago had Iran not got involved. Furthermore, the people of Iran have been calling for it to leave Syria immediately.
All of its investment in Syria – billions of dollars, weapons, troops, support, training, and so on – will likely end up a complete waste. It is becoming more and more likely that Syria will just want Iran out with no regard for the support it has given.

Iran is the number one threat in the Middle East and there is no doubt that the U.S. sanctions are essential if there is ever to be a resolution to the numerous conflicts that have been raging for years.

The purpose of the sanctions is mainly to cut the regime off from the funds that it used to spread chaos across the region. Millions of people have been displaced, many have been killed, many have lost their homes, livelihoods and families, and the regime has played a major role in all of this. It is time, once and for all, for the bloodshed to end. Finally, someone is holding the regime accountable for its actions.

The people of Iran have decided that they want change. They are the first victims of the regime and they are calling for regime change. Nothing will ever improve for as long as the mullahs are in power. The economy is declining and it is set to decline even further in the foreseeable future. Goods are becoming more expensive than the people can afford and more Iranians are falling under the extreme poverty line.

Even though the people are feeling the negative effects of the sanctions, they support them because they know the regime needs pressured. Until it collapses.