The country’s foreign ministry said earlier this week that it will be closing its embassy in the Iranian capital. It also announced that the Iranian ambassador in Rabat will be removed from the country.

The foreign affairs minister of Morocco, Nasser Bourita, told reporters that his country has got evidence that shows that the Iranian government is involved. He said that Hezbollah group had been aided financially by the Iranian government. Hezbollah has been financially and logistically helping Polisario fighters.

The evidence includes paperwork documenting the deliveries of weapons to the opposition group.

The Moroccan foreign affairs minister said: “This month Hezbollah sent SAM9, SAM11 and Strela [surface to air] missiles to the Polisario with the connivance of Iran’s embassy in Algiers.

Morocco was left without a choice but to act and cut diplomatic ties and close its embassy in Tehran.”

Before this statement, the foreign affairs minister had been in the Iranian capital to discuss its decision to cut ties. The Iranian ambassador in Morocco has already left the country.

This is not the first time Morocco has broken diplomatic ties with the Islamic Republic. In 2009, ties were severed when one of the advisers to the Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that the Islamic Republic has sovereign rights over Bahrain. Ties were broken after the Moroccan foreign ministry condemned Iran’s attempts to spread Shia Islam in a kingdom that was Shia-minority.

Iran has previously backed the Polisario Front, but it has not yet responded to the latest allegations. Hezbollah, which has extensive ties with Iran, has released a statement denying that it is providing Polisario fighters with arms and training. It went on to accuse Morocco of blindly listening to Saudi Arabia, the United States and Israel.

Relations between Iran and Israel have been heating up in recent weeks. There has been harsh rhetoric from Iran against Israel after missile strikes on Iranian targets and earlier this week, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israel Prime Minister, gave a speech highlighting how Iran is deceptive.

The evidence he presented showed that Iran deliberately withheld information related to its nuclear activities, showing that the nuclear deal is basically founded on lies.

Some of the European leaders defended the deal, saying that this is exactly the reason why the deal needs to be in place. However, we must look at the benefits of the deal for Iran. It is relieved of crippling economic sanctions and it is subjected to lenient inspections.

Perhaps US President Donald Trump is right to demand that the deal is strengthened, and that Iran’s other activities are addressed, namely its belligerence in the Middle East and its ballistic missile program.

Iran has been identified by many as the main source of conflict in the region, yet it is still free to act with impunity.