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António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations

Glimpse of Iran’s Slaughtered Human Rights in the UN Secretary-General’s Report

The human rights situation in Iran does not comply with any of the standards set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and...
Human rights violation in Iran in May 2022

Iran: Monthly Report on Freedom and Human Rights Violations – May 2022

Respect for human rights as a universal value is now considered an important indicator in the evaluation of governments around the world. In Iran,...
Human rights violations in Iran in April 2022 are bolded with the mass arrests of opposition forces and teachers.

Iran: Monthly Report on Freedom and Human Rights Violations – April 2022

In this report, a summary of the human rights violations in Iran over the past month, the most prominent aspects of the regime’s brutality...
The ongoing trend of repression and human rights violations in Iran during March 2022 showed no signs of slowing down.

Iran: Monthly Report on Freedom and Human Rights Violations – March 2022

Over the years, the Iranian regime has accepted a number of important internationally binding treaties with contractual partners from almost every country in the...
The brutality of Khamenei's forces has made Iran the number one country for human rights abuses in the world. An issue that government officials, including its president, Ibrahim Raisi, are not ashamed of, as they were responsible for the killing of 30,000 political prisoners in 1988.

Human Rights in Iran Plummet to a New Low

Throughout contemporary Iranian history, human rights abuses have been rife in Iran. From the time of the Qajar and Pahlavi monarchies through to the...
Iran's regime notoriously denies political prisoners from receiving medical treatment, or even accessing hospitals, alongside physically torturing them

Urgent Calls Made to Human Rights Organizations To Protect the Lives of Iranian Political...

Following two years of torture in prison, political prisoner Mohammad Javad Vafaei has been sentenced to death by the Iranian regime’s judiciary. Vafaei, aged 26,...
During the recent 68th resolution of the UN General Assembly, Iran regime’s human rights abuses were widely condemned

Iran’s Officials Terrified of Retaliation for Their Human Rights Abuses Records

In a recent session of the Iranian regime’s Supreme Council of Human Rights Staff, regime officials discussed their concerns over the human rights records...
The UNGA resolution confirms that this regime has always been the leading human rights violator in the world.

68th UN Resolution Condemns Human Rights Disaster in Iran

The UN General Assembly (UNGA) on Thursday, December 16, 2021, adopted the 68th resolution condemning human rights violations by the Iranian government. The resolution passed...
For the past four decades, under the rule of the Iranian regime, Iran has suffered from chronic human rights abuses, and with Ebrahim Raisi being selected as their new president by the regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, this trend has no sign of letting up.

The Human Rights Situation in Iran During 2021 Has Only Worsened

As the world acknowledged International Human Rights Day last Friday, their attentions turned to the human rights situation in Iran. For the past four...
The Iranian regime does not accept the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It conducts a systematic ‘war’ on its people by violating their political, personal, legal, and human rights.

Human Rights a Misnomer Expression in Iran’s Rule

December 10 of each year is designated as World Human Rights Day, according to the United Nations. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was...
Conference at the European Parliament calls for a firm policy on human rights abuses in Iran

Calls for the European Union To Hold the Iranian Regime Accountable for Human Rights...

In a conference held on December 7, members of the European Parliament have called upon their countries to focus on the human rights abuses...
Iran is still one of the worst countries in Human Rights violations while the world powers are trying to save the regime’s future with an agreement about its nuclear case.

Summary of Human Rights Violations in Iran – November 2021

The summary of repression and human rights violations in Iran in November 2021 is as follows: Executions in Iran: According to reports, in November 2021, at...