The MEK stressed in a recent article about the virus and how it is affecting the economy that these actions will only result in more deaths, much as the regime’s inaction at the beginning of the crisis caused the virus to spread like wildfire.

They noted that it is not just sending people back to work that the mullahs are doing to try and restart the economy. They’ve also, ridiculously, decided to drop four zeroes off the exchange rate, so that the exchange rate compared with the US drops from 150,000 per dollar to just 15.

The MEK wrote: “This move shows that the Iranian regime is completely incapable of handling and controlling yet another crisis. This currency decision is simply propaganda and does nothing to improve the situation.”

Of course, it doesn’t. The fact is that just because the regime wants to artificially fix their exchange rate, doesn’t mean the rest of the world will get on board. After all, this is not a recent problem on par with the economic crisis seen the world over. The Iranian rial has lost 600% of its value against the US dollar since 1979 when the mullahs took power.

Even Ahmad Naderi, a member of Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei’s faction in parliament, has predicted protests like never before on the streets of Iran that will make the uprisings of December 2017 and November 2019 look like “child’s play”.

The MEK wrote: “Mismanagement is one of the defining traits of the Iranian regime. With every crisis that it provokes or become embroiled in, it uses propaganda to try and portray the crisis as either being brought under control by the regime or to downplay the gravity of the problem.”

While the regime tries these half-baked plans, the Iranian people are struggling to afford the essentials and may soon see their purchasing power stagnate or decline as a result of the mullahs’ exchange rate actions, with experts warning of hyperinflation.

The MEK wrote: “To counter this, the Iranian regime needs to change its economic policies yet it is becoming clear that this is not on the cards.”

Iran is not the only country suffering an economic downturn at the moment, but most countries are helping their people by ensuring that they still receive some sort of money to pay their bills and buy their food. Iran is not.

The MEK wrote: “President Hassan Rouhani recently said that the decision to send people back to work was made because people are dying of hunger. This is unacceptable in this day and age, especially when the Supreme Leader has enormous funds at his disposal – funds that have been plundered. The regime continues to reserve billions of dollars for terrorist and belligerent activities and it refuses to allocate funds to fight this major health crisis. This is the perfect example of the regime’s intentions.”


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