Rachel Avraham,  a news editor and political analyst for JerusalemOnline, wrote an op-ed on the Washington Times, advocating for an independent Kurdistan, not only for the Kurds but for the benefit of the whole world.

Avraham wrote: “Numerous minorities in Iraq, whether they be Christian or Yazidi, have found that the only safe place for them to live is within Iraqi Kurdistan. An independent Kurdistan will thus help to preserve what is left of Iraq’s multicultural identity. It will also serve as a buffer against Iranian aggression in the Middle East region. And it is for these reasons that Iran via its proxies is fighting so hard in order to thwart an independent Kurdistan.”

The Iranian Regime perceives Kurdish autonomy in Northern Iraq as a threat to their control over the Middle East and believes that by exploiting the divisions among the Kurds, they can end their fight for independence.

Iranian journalist Mohsen Behzad Karimi related, “[The Iranian Regime] will not tolerate at any cost an independent Kurdistan. An independent Kurdistan in Northern Iraq means joining Syrian Kurds and eventually after that, Turkish Kurdistan and Iranian Kurdistan will be annexed to that. Some Arab countries are using this issue to pressure Iran but in the long run, it is just a pressure tool. They are using Iranian Kurds, Iranian Arabs and Balochis to have leverage.”

Karimi added: “The Iranian regime since the 1980s supported the Taliban faction. They helped lots of other Iranian-backed Kurds in Northern Iraq. There are still factions of Iraqi Kurds backed by Iran. If you check the ammunitions and light weapons, most of it comes from Iran. They deeply penetrated into Kurdistan. For example, the insurance companies are mainly in the hands of Iranian-backed companies, who are operating under the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.”

An Iraqi source revealed to Avraham that Iran is attempting to thwart the creation of an independent Kurdistan by trying to instigate a civil war by supporting groups opposed to Masoud Barzani, who has been President of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region since 2005. The groups that the Regime is working with are the Gorran Movement and the PKK.

Sherkoh Abbas, a Syrian Kurdish dissident, said: “The Gorran Movement is primarily under the control of Iran. They were fighting against corruption and they are now taking all of their funding from Iraq and Iran. It is the same with the PKK, who is under the influence of Iran. They are fighting against an independent Kurdistan in Iraq. They are against a referendum for independence. This Iranian interference is intimidation so they don’t do a referendum and they won’t have access to the sea.”

He noted that Iran is also supporting ISIS behind-the-scenes in order to make Sunni Islam look bad and asserts that no one should believe that the Iranian Regime will be helpful in the fight against terrorism.

He revealed that Iran is working with Iraq and Syria, in order to destroy the Kurds.

He said: “Iran, Iraq and Syria all agree that the Kurds should be oppressed. Kurdistan should be robbed of its territory. Despite their differences, they work together to prevent an independent Kurdistan.”