Some of the deaths were recorded as heart attacks, kidney failure, or other symptoms of the disease, but the regime’s main false cause of death is “Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS).”

Of course, medical staff has been criticizing the regime for this. 

Dr. Abdolreza Fazel, Head of Golestan University of Medical Sciences, said: “We’ve been crying since day one that we have 594 Coronavirus patients, but the Ministry of Health was saying since you have no positive test, we are not giving you the necessary facilities. Then suddenly they announced that we have become the epicenter of the Coronavirus.”  

In a previous interview on March 28, Dr. Fazel said that few suspected cases actually make it to hospital, with most of them quarantining at home, and that 43 doctors were suspected of having coronavirus with six of them admitted to hospital and one of them – Dr. Abdollah Abbasi – dying from the disease. 


The same thing is being reported in Khomeini Hospital in Ardabil province, with the head of the hospital saying weeks ago that there were almost 1,000 coronavirus patients there, with 10 people dying each day. He said that they are forced to record “respiratory disease” as the cause of death and the regime does not consider these people as victims of coronavirus.  

Dr. Seyed Said Hossaini in Zahedan said: “According to the field reports and reports by my physician colleagues across the province, many of the patients with or without mild signals and sometimes with intense symptoms, without taking blood test or having suspicious lung radiology call doctors or go to their clinics but avoid going to hospitals or taking the coronavirus test. Of course, many of these people in our province are diagnosed with the COVID-19 and are hosts of this disease spreading it in the society; and they are not just a few.”   

Taleghani Accident Hospital in Mashhad, Shariati Hospital in Mashhad, and Towhid Hospital in Sanandaj report similar incidents. One medical worker suggested that in order to get real statistics, the numbers being reported by the regime should be multiplied by 100 because hospitals are being told not to report their true cases. 

The pulmonary department of Firoozgar Hospital even reported that since January, doctors there have been dealing with coronavirus patients registered with the wrong diseases in order to keep the outbreak a secret prior to the revolution anniversary parades and the elections.


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