In Syria, the Iranian regime has left a trail of destruction behind it. It seems like the road from the Iran border to Syria’s Mediterranean coastline will go ahead, allowing Iran to keep its allies in Syria armed easier (and cheaper) than the current air transport.

It has also been said that the road will give Iran direct access to the Syrian capital and to Bashar al Assad’s government. This land route is also important to Iran because it will bring all of the country’s allies together.

One obstacle for the land route that has hampered Iran has been the Kurds in a certain part of Iraq. They made it very clear that they did not want militias going through their land. Part of their strong objection was due to Iran’s ever increasing influence over their government.

To save face following the twin attacks last week, the Iranian regime has announced that dozens of people have been charged in connection with the crime and it vowed to step up security measures. Mahmoud Alavi, the intelligence minister of Iran, said at the weekend that the “commander” of the attacks was killed by intelligence operatives (although he refused to release the name of the criminal).

Some people are rather sceptical about the attacks that happened last week, believing that they were engineered by the Iranian regime so that it has a pretext for further supressing the people of Iran. The fact that the full names of those who were arrested have not been released is making some question the veracity of the regime’s claims.

Mostafa Izadi, the Iranian armed forces deputy chief of staff, said that he had proof that the United States had provided “direct support to Daesh”, according to an Iranian state-run news agency. Russia also backed this statement by saying that the United States helped ISIS fighters escape capture in Syria. However, as has been seen many times in the past, the Iranian regime, and its ally, are spinning tales to divert from the truth. If the Iranian regime had evidence of US involvement, why will it not show the evidence? Because it doesn’t, maybe?