Iran has been described as the biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. The country’s resources are plundered on terrorist activities and the spread of chaos across the region.

The regime’s policies of resorting to terrorism do nothing but highlight its weakness. If the regime was in a strong position, it could use diplomacy instead of terrorism.

On the domestic front, the regime has no legitimacy. After decades of oppressing the people of Iran and denying them the most basic human rights, the people are making it very clear that they do not, and will not ever, accept the rule of the mullahs. This has become clear via the ongoing protests, strikes, and anti-government demonstrations. They want leadership that will represent the people and put them first.

Iran is more dangerous than the average terrorist group because it has almost limitless recruiting capacity and a mass of financial resources. Because it is the Iranian government that is involved, the state is not going to cut financing to the terrorist activities and entities. State terrorism presents a much greater danger than any independent group ever could, including the likes of the Islamic State (ISIS) or al-Qaida groups.

Very little attention, until recently, has been drawn to the activities of the country’s notorious Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) simply because it was acting under the laws of a sovereign government. This has allowed the Iranian regime to spread chaos the whole way across the Middle East.

The regime also expands its influence via numerous proxy groups, widening and enlarging its reach. It funds and arms hundreds of terrorist groups and militia across the world and is responsible for so much bloodshed.

Furthermore, it has planned terrorist attacks on European soil. In 2018 alone, a number of attacks and assassinations were foiled by European intelligence agencies. The regime knows no bounds.

The international community must respond accordingly to the Iranian threat. It must be carefully considered that the regime controls, or rather mismanages, the resources and the wealth of this nation. The people of Iran are falling further and further into absolute poverty, yet the country has the fourth-biggest oil reserve in the world as well as the second-largest gas reserve. There is no reason for the country’s economy to have collapsed.

As well as being a traditional threat, Iran’s cyber activities are escalating, posing a major cyber threat to any country. Numerous institutions in the United States have been targeted, including universities and military institutions.

Appeasement policies toward Iran are not just failing to produce results, but in fact, they are advancing the Iran threat and compromising world peace and security.