The Resistance Units members, who are closely aligned with the MEK are risking their lives for this activism because if arrested they face long jail terms and even death sentences. (The Regime has previously executed people for merely supporting the MEK or even just having one of their leaflets, as was the case during the 1988 massacre of 30,000 political prisoners.

In Ilam province, western Iran, members of resistance units put up large posters with slogans like “People should rise up to overthrow the mullahs’ regime” and “Down with [Supreme Leader Ali] Khamenei, Hail to Rajavi,”

In Tehran, Resistance Unit members hung a large poster of Maryam Rajavi from a bridge, which read: “Yes, we can and we must overthrow the mullahs’ regime”.

 In Mashhad, northeast Iran, Resistance Unit members put up a color image of Massoud Rajavi, which read: “Down with the mullahs’ regime, Hail to Rajavi”.

In Kerman, south-central Iran, members of resistance units put up a large image of Maryam Rajavi featuring the message: “Rise up to overthrow the mullahs’ regime”.

In related news, MEK supporters in Isfahan used graffiti to get their point across, writing “Iran, Rajavi, Rajavi, Iran” on the walls. While in Bandar Abbas, a major port city in southern Iran, Resistance Unit members wrote “Democracy, freedom, with Maryam Rajavi” on walls in graffiti. Similar actions took place in Qazvin, northwest Iran, with Resistance Unit members writing “Down with Khamenei” in graffiti.

Meanwhile, in Hendijan, Khuzestan province, southwest Iran, members of resistance units threw paint over a poster of former Supreme Leader Ruhollah Khomeini, the despised founder of the mullahs’ regime, in a sign of their utter hatred of the ruling dictatorship.

These increased activities by the members of resistance units have escalated concerns for Iranian regime officials who fear the overthrow of their dictatorship by the Iranian people and their resistance. For four decades, the Iranian regime has refused to mention the MEK by name for fear of increasing their popularity, but now that is so fruitless that the regime has abandoned their red line. Now, there regime officials and their affiliated outlets are voicing major concerns about the MEK’s effect inside Iran