Indeed, Trump recently said: “I know [Iran] will bow and will come to me with a better deal than the one the former American administration signed.”

It is even possible that Trump’s long transition period between announcing and enacting returning US sanctions on Iran was designed to give Iran the chance to negotiate, which they have failed to do.

One thing is certain though; Iran is the only one who can offer concessions here because the US will not budge when it comes to putting pressure on the world’s leading state-sponsor of terrorism and honestly, Iran doesn’t have a lot of other options. It can’t withstand economic sanctions, a domestic uprising, or a costly war for very long.

The US’s plan is to acquire a better deal on Iran’s nuclear weapons and it seems, from Trump’s tweets, that Iran may be more than ready to concede to this deal and the 12 conditions that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo demanded earlier this year, which included more respect for human rights.

Abdulrahman al-Rashed, the former General Manager of Al Arabiya News Channel, wrote: “These conditions seemed like a roadmap aimed at toppling the regime, but wrapped in talks about changing the regime’s behaviour only.”
So could the US help spur regime change in Iran under the guise of getting a better nuclear deal? Possibly.

There is no doubt that the Iranian Regime, like all dictatorships, will eventually fall, Indeed, the mullahs’ regime is one of the last in the world and its way past its expiration date. The people of Iran will soon bring about the collapse of the Iranian Regime, but the US can help quicken the pace.

Rashed wrote: “Iran did not change and did not deviate one inch since the establishment of its extremist security theological regime in 1979. This regime has reached the phase of old age, and it will not be capable of controlling the domestic situation if it does not change. It will collapse in a few years without any foreign attacks on it.”