On Wednesday, September 1st, Amadnews revealed a meeting organized by the heads of intelligence department of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, where the department heads were planning ways to arrest Ahmadi Nejad and Hussain Fraidoon.

Amadnews reports that in order to bring “balance and justice” to the society, the organization also plans to arrest Fazel Larijani, one of Zahra Larijani’s bothers.

Following the release of the report, Sdegh Amoli Larijani called a meeting with Ismail Khatib, head of the a department of the judicial system, and his deputies Pur Zari and Nawrozi. He said, “It is not possible that the information is leaked to Amadnews without any help from inside. The information must be leaked by Khusrawi and Milani, members of the protection of secret information of judiciary system, or the information is given to Amadnews by the MI6 the intelligence service of Britain.”

A source from the Protection of Secret Information in the judiciary system said that Anti-spyware Deputy of the Intelligence Ministry has information that Zahra Ardshair Larijani sent a copy of secret information belonging to the Iran government to the British Council in Iran and their Italian colleagues in Tehran. It has also has been said that she had meetings with the heads of these institutes in Iran.

The source told Amadnews that Ministry of Intelligence is consulting with Muhseni Ezhai, deputy of the judicial system, to begin an investigation of Zahara Larijani on the charges of spying for the west. However, Muhseni Ezhai said the religious leaders of Iran should decide on the issue, which sparked criticism from the members of coordinating council of intelligence services.

Khusrawi and Milani are in prison on charges of spying. They have allegedly been tortured in prison, and forced to say that they leaked information, according to Amadnews.

On October 3rd, Mahmoud Alavi, Iran’s intelligence minister, denied the unsourced item from Amadnews that links the head of the judiciary’s daughter to espionage. “None of the members of Larijani family is suspected of espionage”, he said.