However, what even more shameful or disgraceful is to see with horror that Boroujerdi the Gestapo of Iran is invited to EU to be heard. Shame on those who have invited him, sham on those who are silent about his presence where there are 8000 protesters under torture every day and more and more body is dumped outside their home. Wouldn’t it be fair to say that whoever is silent and or not doing enough to stop this barbarism is complicate in this regards?

Suppressive forces in Golpayegan arrested three brothers, Mohammad, Fazlollah and Hadi Nikbakht, and transferred them to an unknown location. Furthermore, at least six other youths were arrested by security forces in Golpayegan.

At the same time, dozens of the people arrested during recent days in Asadabad and Tuyserkan were transferred to the Hamedan central prison. The regime’s judiciary has accused them of “moharebeh (waging war against God)” and “corruption on earth”.

In yet another development on Sunday, January 21, repressive police forces attacked the protesters in Tehran and arrested one of them. They were protesting against looting their property by government bodies in Tehran by chanting “Nothing on table to eat, injustice is enough”. A police commander named Colonel Pashaki ran over a brave woman by car who was supporting the arrested person. Pashaki fled when faced the anger of protesters.

It is so justified to assume full shame now that the Iranian Resistance movement had called on the UN Secretary-General, the UN Security Council, the UN member states and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and other relevant international bodies to take immediate action to release the arrestees of the uprising, and to make clear the fate of missing protesters, thus eliminating any doubt or uncertainty of what is going on today in Iran to take action and so if no action is witness urgently the history will not forget the dark stain on them.