He writes in part of his report:

“They ruthlessly subjected me to beating with cables on the head and face and back such that after nearly one and half years the signs of the flogging with cables can be seen on my body.

In the first 20 days of arrest, every day a number of officers with guns hung me and at the same time beat me (with cable and rifle butts) for several hours. The beatings with rifle butts resulted in fracture of tibia in my legs and created a hole in it to an extent that a finger can be placed inside it. The traces of fractures are still present in my legs. 

They brutally stabbed me on the soles of my feet and left side of the abdomen, near the bladder, and severely wounded me such that the signs of the wounds on my body are still present and obvious.

They would torture me to force me take the responsibility for a murder which I did not know anything about.

One of the tortures they used was to staple my ears. They stapled my both ears which caused bleeding from both ears and blood would run down my shoulders towards my chest. I could not do anything except moaning and screaming. 

When they got no results from all these tortures, they took my clothes off and while I was completely naked they started mocking me.

They burned sensitive parts of my body in 21 areas with lighters such that a lot of pus still comes out of the wounds.

I lost consciousness under the tortures several times and each time they would bring an ambulance to bring me back to consciousness and then the torturers would start to torture me again. 

When I did not confess, they transferred me from the intelligence office in Iranshahr to the intelligence office in Zahedan where I was beaten and tortured again on the same wounds by judiciary agents and their head Mollashahi. 

They would hang me every day under the scorching sun from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and these tortures continued for one week.”

Ajab Gol Nour Zehi concluded by naming some of his torturers.  They include:

• Pasdar Akbari, Revolutionary Guard and head of the Intelligence Office in Iranshahr, 

• Basiji, member of mobilization force 

• Omid Siah Khani 

• Basiji Kalak

And others,” he said. 

 Ajab Gol Nour Zehi called for the a public trial to be attended by representatives of the world’s independent human rights organizations and international media. 

He also requested a meeting with the United Nations Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in Iran, where he could reveal all that has happened to him, and display the signs of the tortures he suffered.