All of these individuals whose names appear below have been sentenced to death in trials that mainly just lasted 10 minutes. For many months, they were interrogated and tortured while in arbitrarily detention in mullahs’ regime Intelligence Office. All of these prisoners have been arrested after 2009. Based on similar cases, the transfer of prisoners sentenced to death from one prison to another signifies an imminent execution.

The names of these prisoners are as follows:

1.Hamed Ahmadi, son of Habibollah 

2.Jamshid Dehqani, son of Khodarahm 

3.Jahangir Dehqani, son of Khodarahm

4.Kamal Talai, son of Ahmad 

5.Kaveh Rafii, son of Ebrahim 

6.Kaveh Sharifi, son of Tofiq 

7.Arash Sharifi, son of Tofiq

8.Meghdad Rahimi, son of Mohammad 

9.Bahman Rahimi, son of Mohammad 

10.Mohammad Yavar Rahimi, son of Nasser 

11.Behruz Shanazari, son of Fathollah 

12.Farzad Shanazari, son of Mohammad Rauf 

13.Abbas Malaki, son of Hossein 

14.Shahram Ahmadi, son of Abdollah 

15.Purya Mohammadi, son of Sharif 

16.Mohammad Qaribi, son of Hassan 

17.Ahmad Nasiri, son of Sharif 

18.Seyyed Sadeq Hosseini, son of Mohieddin 

19.Sediq Mohammadi, son of Hossein

20.Edris Nemati, son of Karim 

21.Qasem Berimani, son of Mohammad Saleh 

22.Mehran Nasrollahzadeh, son of Mohammad Salim 

23.Keyvan Momenifard, son of Abdollah 

24.Teymour …zadeh, son of Seyfollah [full name not available]

25.Farzad Honarju, son of Mohammad Ali 

26.Farshid Abhari, son of Jalil 

27.Seyyed Shahoo Ebrahimi, son of Mansour 

28.Seyyed Jamal Mousavi 

29.Pouya …fard, son of Mohammad [full name not available]

30.Abdulrahman Mashkati, son of Heydar