The prison doctor has not visited the prisoners inside the prison so far, and prison officials have not paid any attention to the prisoners’ strike.

A number of hunger striking prisoners who met with their families on Wednesday, 30 August 2017, faced serious problems and were unable to stand up.

Reports indicate that the prisoners are facing serious hygiene problems and lack of hot water in the prison hall, and severe air deficiency due to the closure of all pores.

Political prisoner Abolghasem Fouladvand denied meeting and family visits

The regime’s Judiciary and Gohardasht Prison Council banned the political prisoner Abolqasem Fouladvans’s meeting and family visits from August 30 to October 4, 2017, on the false pretext of “insulting the Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei.”

The family of this political prisoner were not able to meet with him when they visited the prison.

According to the families of political prisoners, Mr. Fouladvand’s family was told that he is not allowed to have meeting. This is while today the prisoners were on their 34nd day of hunger strike without any basic medical care.