According to reports, Ramin was arrested by the security forces on June 23, 2017 and transferred to an unknown location. Despite repeated follow-ups and referring to security agencies by his family, there was no news about the fate of this political activist till now.

His brother wrote that Ramin “is currently detained in the Sanandaj Intelligence Detention Centre, while during this time our family has contacted this office 23 times and asked for the status of Ramin, unfortunately until now the Information Office in Sanandaj has not given us any clear answer about his fate and his health condition.”

In his letter, Ramin’s brother mentioned:, without any contact or talks with his family, and under the pretext of poor financial conditions of his family the intelligence department told him that ” since your family has no financial ability to hire a lawyer for you, and since no lawyer is willing to accept the case because they are all aware of the fact that you will be executed without any brawl; we have appointed a lawyer for you.”

Amjad Hossein Panahi continued: “This is while our family has been referring to the prosecutor office, the court and the intelligence office of Sanandaj, to inform them about our lawyer for our son’s case, and had requested legal access to the contents of Ramin’s case by our lawful and legal lawyer. Unfortunately, our legal demand has not been fulfilled so far.”

He finally wrote that “definitely, the ministry of intelligence wants to complete the case of Ramin and ultimately sentence him to death far from the public eyes and send him to the gallows in the shortest time possible.”