His father, Eghbal Moradi, says that Zaniar was to be sent to the court on July 23rd, 2014. Eghbal believes that because of the clashes in Kurdistan the regime is attempting to rush his son’s death sentence. 

Zaniar is charged that he, along with his cousin Loghman Moradi and two others, killed the cousin of the Friday prayer imam of the city of Marivan. Zaniar and Loghman deny these charges and maintain their innocence.

Author Cheheltan Prevented From Publishing His Work 

Author Amir Hossein Cheheltan expressed frustration over the regime’s refusal to allow his writing to be published. It has been nine years since he has managed to get one of his books printed. He said the following about his situation:


“Since 2005 I have not been allowed to publish a book. After publishing four books in April 2005, they have kept my books during all these years and do not determine what to do.


After this date it is nine years that I have not been allowed to write and this is while I repeatedly sought the fate of these books both in Ahmadinejad’s government and in the government of Rouhani but they do not offer any assistance. They tell me the matter is being investigated, but in nine years nothing has changed.


I am not even authorized to reprint my originally published books. For three years my books have been out of stock and I am not allowed to reprint them. These books have no

sensitive issues and are not political!”

3 Sunni Activists Arrested in West Azerbaijan Province

According to information from inside Iran, 3 Sunni activists were arrested in Kurdistan Province. A month after the arrest, judicial and security authorities finally told families of these activists that the charges were for holding Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr prayers a day early according to Sunni custom. 

This incident is just the latest in a spree of Sunni arrests throughout Iran. On April 19th, Sunni activists Massoud Javadi, Nameq Deldel, Mohammad Rasoulizadeh, Mohammad Mohammadi and Ebrahim Rasouli were arrested on similar charges.

On the morning of April 18th, three other Sunnis, Abdolrahim Chana, 37, Suran Fatehi, 32, and Abdolhadi Azarm, 27, and on April 24th, Sunni activists Jafar Ghafuri and Ebrahim Ghadrifar were arrested by Intelligence Ministry forces in Bukan and Mahabad. Their whereabouts are unknown and they have not been able to contact their families.

Student Activist Faces Death Penalty

According to reports from Iran, Mr. Sabir Sheikh Abdullah, a student earning a Master’s Degree in Science at Tabatabai University in Mahabad, is facing serious risk of receiving a death sentence. 

Abdullah is from Mahabad and he has been arrested by the Intelligence Office of Mahabad after returning to this city on 15 March 2014. At that time in the state TV news a program was broadcasted in which he was linked to the clashes of 2010.

Last Year In Iran 18,000 Arrested And Charged With Mal-veiling

Last year, Iranian police arrested 18,000 people on the charge of mal-veiling. Esmail Ahmadi Moghaddam, commander of State Security Force of Iran, confirmed this number and said in a conversation with ISNA news agency that in previous years there were even more people arrested on charges of mal-veiling. 

According to Moghaddam, among those arrested in the streets due to mal-veiling, five percent are introduced to state security sources and half a percent to courts. Every year the Iranian police punish women and girls who, according to police, disregard the Islamic hijab. These policies are called the moral security plan – or fighting with mal-veiling.

Ahmadreza Radan, former deputy commander of the state security forces of Iran, recently said that nobody can annul the implementation of the moral security plan. Every year this plan intensifies when the summer approaches and there are many reactions to it. According to reports and sent photos in some cases, it has even led to public resistance and clashes with police.