Evin Prison

The Iranian Regime are attempting to put pressure on the political prisoner, Omid Shahmoradi Sanandaji, has been denied medical tests and surgery.

He was arrested in June 2012 and has been held in solitary confinement for seven months. 

Gohardasht prison

Hadi Haj Mohammadi attempted suicide on Sunday, September 11, as a result of the overwhelming pressure he faced in prison. He died on September 13 in Loghman hospital in Tehran.

 A source close to his family emphasized Hadi Haj Mohammdi’s innocence and explained that his suicide was a direct result of the conditions at the prison.

Their hot water has been cut off, access to sanitary items are restricted which could lead to disease. 

Dizel Abad Prison

In this prison, phone calls and meetings with family members have been restricted since September 8, which makes families concerned.


Prison officials have put this down to a fight between prisoners but families believe that this is more a pressure tactic than anything else.