These gatherings have been held to protest the April 17th attack on defenseless prisoners in Tehran’s Evin Prison. According to reports from inside Iran, there is still no news on the situation of the prisoners, particularly those who have been taken to solitary confinement and are on hunger strike. 

The security agents have gone to the homes of the political prisoners’ families or have called them warning them against taking part in the protest gatherings.    

Intelligence Ministry agents went to the homes of two political prisoners, Saeid Haeri and Yashar Darolshafa, threatened them, and arrested Kaveh Darolshafa, Yashar’s brother. Kaveh Darolshafa and his mother Turan Kabiri had been arrested four years ago as well. 

These threats and arrests are aimed at foiling the protest gatherings and preventing their spread in an atmosphere of popular sympathy to these gatherings in solidarity with the political prisoners.  Ironically, these arrests only draw more attention to the protestors’ cause.