In a deeply distressing manifestation of cruelty and indifference towards human life, the Iranian regime has once more cast a gloomy shadow over Iran, tainted by the blood of the innocent. Last week the regime killed in an unjust and cruel manner three young men despite all the domestic and international protests.

Saeed Yaghoubi, Majid Khazemi, and Saleh Mirhashemi met their undeserved destiny at the hands of a regime that thrived on terror, promotes extremism, and thrives on violence since it came to power in 1979.

The reality is that these executions do not stand as isolated incidents. The Iranian regime has transformed Iran into a harrowing stage of death, where numerous lives have been untimely severed from their loved ones, with hundreds falling victim to this tragedy over this year alone. This regime has assumed the role of the world’s foremost executor, perpetrating a brutal reign that displays an alarming appetite for bloodshed, seemingly insatiable in its pursuit.

The situation has reached such a critical juncture that the people have emerged as the primary adversary of the regime, despite its persistent claims of retaining the support of the populace. In truth, the regime is in a perpetual state of fear, dreading its inevitable demise, which promises a fate even more dire than the previous Shah’s regime. Many of its officials now sound warnings about this impending fate, acknowledging the looming consequences that await.

The regime’s current supreme leader Ali Khamenei tried to quash the people’s demands and protests by picking Ebrahim Raisi, renowned as the “butcher of Tehran”. But the acceleration of the country’s deteriorating situation has reached a situation that even the regime’s MPs are shouting at him, ‘not to steal the bread from the people’s tables.’ Such demands do not stem from genuine compassion for the people but rather from a fear of the people’s seething anger and desire for vengeance.

This became evident when the regime took the life of Mahsa Amini, an innocent young girl, simply because she did not conform to the imposed dress code for women in the country. This heinous act ignited an uprising that continues to persist even after seven months, shattering the regime’s tranquility and peace.

In this wave of protests, the people have made their primary demand crystal clear: the complete overthrow of the regime. Thus, Khamenei decided to poison schoolgirls and increase and speed up the executions to prevent the people from revolting against his evil regime.

Like any other dictatorship in history, the regime and its supporters fail to recognize that their actions and decisions will only expedite the deterioration of their own conditions. They may only come to realize this when it is already too late—when the people have tossed them and their regime into the dustbin of history.

It is time for the international community to recognize the people’s right to freedom and struggle against this brutal regime. Remaining silent and indifferent will only empower these tyrants, granting them the license to persist in their appalling campaign of executions and suppression. The international community must send a resolute message that the regime’s flagrant violations of human rights will not be tolerated and that justice and freedom will prevail.