Some 33 trillion Tomans is a promise that the Iranian regime’s new president Ebrahim Raisi made to the four provinces during his provincial trips so that they can complete the semi-finished projects or pay for their new projects. Designs that have been odd both in their numbers and the budget assigned.

Since August 4, when Ebrahim Raisi started his presidency, the keyword of provincial travel has flourished again. The same thing that the Iranian people remember from the time of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s presidency when their populistic truth was soon revealed to all people.

Now, Raisi has traveled to seven provinces and got acquainted with some of the problems of these provinces and their people, who in many cases showed their anger at their miserable situation to the regime’s president while expressing their knowledge that nothing will change.

The situation has become complicated when the official budget reports of the country, such as the report of the country’s treasury for the first three months of this year, show that the government had a budget deficit of 53 trillion tomans in the spring alone.

From those major trips to four provinces in the last two and a half months, the government has spent at least 33 trillion tomans. Only then, according to the budget law of the regime, some 80 billion tomans have been considered for the president’s travels.

While the head of state Raisi is continuing his travels, the travel expenses are borne by the impoverished people of Iran, who do not benefit from these acts of the regime.

Now the figures provided by state media regarding the budget allocated to the projects to be implemented in these provinces clearly show that such promises are completely meaningless for the bankrupt Iranian government and will never be fulfilled. Note these figures:

During Raisi’s visit to Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province, 217 projects were approved, for which a construction credit of 20 trillion tomans was promised, which many of the regime’s press have called strange and unprecedented and do not believe that they will be implemented.

During the trip to the Fars province, 100 projects have been approved, for which a promise of 6 trillion tomans has been made.

In Ilam, the promise of completing 112 projects has been given and 2.5 trillion tomans have been considered for it. In Bushehr, 5 trillion tomans have been promised for the implementation of 94 projects.

All this is at a time when the government is facing a severe budget deficit, which is why in the 2021 budget bill, the regime has eliminated the salary increase, which has led to more expansion of poverty and has destroyed the middle class.

Mismanagement and corruption by the government have led to many protests by people of all classes.

Now the question posed by many economists of the regime is from which sources this budget is to be financed. Given that the regime has increased its defense budget for this year and continues to squander the people’s and country’s resources in the Middle East to support its proxy forces.

It is certain that none of these plans will be implemented, as we saw in the Rouhani government, and the heavy financial burden will be on the people.