Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), which is the main lever of the regime’s repression, especially a tool for the supreme leader Ali Khamenei to ensure his rule, in a letter written by its head Hossein Salami said that he and the IRGC are the main audiences of what Khamenei had said in his Nowruz (Persian New Year) speech.

They announced that to fulfill Khamenei’s wishes they have formed an office called the Headquarters of the Realization of the Nowruz Command, which held its first meeting March 23, 2021.

In its first promise related to Khamenei’s order which was about filtering and controlling the Internet, Salami wrote: “Dear Sir, we appreciate, we produce, helping people, we confront corruption, mobilize young technologies, we send countless mobilized forces in the field of dignity of the people, we will help families, so that they are empowered. We make power so that the enemy becomes incapable and no other pursuit of his policies. We will free the cyberspace from its unrestrained practices.

He claimed to be ‘helping people’ and ‘fighting corruption’. Meanwhile, dissidents point out that the IRGC and others affiliated with Khamenei’s office have their hands in this corrupted current. As the people of Iran showed to the world in their latest protests, their ‘main enemy’ is the IRGC which opened fire mercilessly on unarmed and defenseless protesters.

Bluffing more, Salami continued: “We will stay in the field. We get along with people. We will enforce your highnesses words in the field, and we will leave behind the enemy. We pass through him and his strategy. We take out the country from the side effects of cruel sanctions, and so we will ignore the JCPOA (2015 Iran nuclear deal) and will become independent. This is our way.”

Salami in the final section of his letter describes the establishment of the Headquarters of the Realization of the Nowruz Command as: “Today, on Tuesday, March 23, 2021, its first meeting was held with the presence of the Board of the Corps and the head of the Basij Organization, the Intelligence Organization and the Economic Officials of the Corps. The headquarters through three operational camps, will realize the expectations of the blessed (Khamenei) and will ensure.”

So, in the internal disputes between the factions of this regime we can analyze this act of the IRGC as the elimination of Hassan Rouhani’s government and bypassing its authority and practically expanding the IRGC’s executive authority.

This act, under the title of executing Khamenei’s commands, is nothing but the militarization of the cyberspace and preparing an optimal and desired election and government for Khamenei, who is expecting a contracted government, based on the most fundamental elements of this regime, in the hope to withstand the pressure from both inside and outside the country. According to Iran experts, this act, grabbing Khamenei’s order and immediately forming a headquarters and a base for it, can be assumed as a pseudo-coup against Rouhani’s government for the next presidential election which is in three months.