Iran’s state media and the public are once again shocked by the latest revelation of corruption inside the regime’s government.

Fights between the top officials of this regime from the head of the Judiciary Ebrahim Raisi and the head of the parliament Mohamad Bagher Qalibaf to the fights between Mostafa Mirsalim and Qalibaf and the issue of the 65 billion Tomans of bribe and confessing just about a glimpse of the corruption and thefts in this regime is showing that the situation of this regime is critical.

Iran’s Supreme Leader in the hope to overcome its critical situation changed the formation of the parliament at his own benefits while eliminating all of the so-called reformist faction from the parliament. But the disputes just short after this surgery showed that the situation is much worse than even, he could control it.

The state-run daily Arman wrote, by the title ‘The end of the conservative’s honeymoon’: “Strange things are happening in the conservative camp these days. Leading figures of this current, who were once either presidential candidates or in a dream of such a position, are exposing each other. Exposures like financial disclosures. The right-wing current, which was happy with the 11th parliamentary elections, was beating the drums happily and claiming power in various fields, now in the unrivaled world, it has become its own rival, so that its key elements are now exposing each other.”

The article added: “Two stories are more have been told more. First, the story between Mostafa Mirsalim and, of course, Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, the story of a 65 billion toman bribe to a chairman of the parliamentary commission to prevent an investigation into Qalibaf’s mayoralty, which was repeatedly heard from Mirsalim, which finally led Qalibaf to sue him.

“The second story is about the fight between Parviz Fattah, the head of the Mostazafan Foundation, and Gholam Ali Haddad Adel. Gholam-Ali Haddad Adel, who chairs the Council of the Coalition of the Forces of the Islamic Revolution, which is the ‘Shana’ who replaced ‘Jamna’, has entered the margins.

“His dispute with Parviz Fattah, head of the Mostazafan Foundation, dates back to a time when Fattah’s son tweeted that Haddad Adel’s non-profit schools belonged to the Mostazafan Foundation and that no rent had been paid to the foundation.

“What has taken the conservative’s controversy to a newer level today, and in a way makes it different from all these years, is that the struggle for power has apparently turned intra-party conflicts into personal scandals and revelations, and strangely enough, the biggest names of the conservatives are at the forefront of these revelations against each other and reveal secrets.

“To the extent that this time in the court wards they are looking for political fights against each other and their strong statements are against their own factions. Today’s events in the Conservatives’ political arena mark more than ever the end of the honeymoon of the Conservatives who thought they could play in the unrivaled arena.”

Haddad Adel said while attacking Fattah, with the resignation of Haddad from the property of the Mostazafan Foundation: “You think you’re becoming the guardian angel?”

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