It is currently holding some 2,500 members of Iran’s main opposition group, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI), in sweltering heat and prison-like conditions, prompting widespread concerns of a humanitarian crisis.

Mr Rise stated that it was now time for France, the UK and Germany, alongside other European nations, to contact the leadership of the United Nations and find out what the UN office in Iraq, UNAMI, could do about the human rights abuses being carried out at Camp Liberty.

Mr Rise added he believed that the UK is afraid of provoking Tehran, but it remains their responsibility, and the responsibility of other Western powers, to protect the PMOI (MEK) representatives in Camp Liberty or at least help to end the blockade with immediate effect.

Mr Rise said the mullahs were now “acting in extreme desperation”, with more executions taking place than ever before.

When questioned on why Western powers seemed to be doing little to help the residents of Camp Liberty, he added: “Too many of them are listening to the Iranian regime. They are relying on information that has been provided by the regime – the same regime that has a history of telling lies and providing false information.”

Mr Rise said the US government now had a “special responsibility” to act as it was the US that had sent documents amounting to a guarantee of safety to each PMOI (MEK) member inside Camp Liberty. 

If they do not act, “How can we trust the US after this?” he added.

Prof Tanter said it was now time for a team to be set up in the US Congress to provide them with alternative intelligence. He said this was essential because the Iranian regime would cheat in the future, as it has done in the past.

Prof Tanter also criticised the process for the inspection of potential nuclear sites in Iran, a process he finds “pointless”, as the regime will be given several weeks’ notice to destroy evidence, lie, cheat and conduct cover-ups, like it has done so many times in the past.

Prof Tanter ended by saying that events like the Q&A are a huge help in raising awareness of the situation in Iran.

Lord Maginnis highlighted the fact that his own government in the UK had a serious lack of knowledge on Camp Liberty, and expressed his anger at the UN Foreign Office for not finding out more.

He praised Albania for accepting a group of the Camp Liberty refugees, but described the UK’s lack of action in as “disappointing”.

He added: “The UK is a participant by neglect. It has shown a lack of compassion, especially in the week that the nuclear deal was signed, as they knew critical supplies were being prevented from entering Camp Liberty.”

Lord Maginnis went on to praise Iranian opposition leader Maryam Rajavi and the Iranian Resistance on their role in exposing what is happening in the Iran. 

He concluded: “I do not want to see us hiding away from our international responsibilities. We have a duty to do something.”