While seven members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) inCamp Ashraf abducted on September 1 by forces under command of Maliki are still held captive by the forces in Baghdad and while international community’s loath for the attack on Ashraf and calls for immediate release of the hostages heightens daily, Maliki’s so-called Ministry of Human Rights is resorting to fabrications and slander to justify the massacre and hostage-taking and the crime against humanity by Maliki and forces under his command.

To this end, after Kamel Amin, spokesman of this ministry announced on September 12 that the security forces have apprehended these seven because they attacked the security forces (Free Iraq Radio, Ilaf), Shia Soudani, the Minister of Human Rights (affiliated with Maliki’s Dawa party) hurriedly denied Amin’s statement (AP, September 13).


This is while the UN High Commissioner for Refugees has declared in his September 13 statement that hostages are being kept in Iraq. Moreover, on September 14, Beladi TV, affiliated to Iraq’s ruling coalition, quoted “a security authority” that “Iraqi security forces are interrogating a number of PMOI members. Authorities have apprehended seven members of this organization based on judicial reasons”.

Ministry of Human Rights whose job is to justify crimes of the Iranian regime and Maliki’s government in Iraq, announced in a statement: “Ministry of Human Rights followed up transfer of the last series of PMOI members to Camp Liberty in Baghdad and this relocation was implemented successfully with high responsibility of the security organs and by providing residents protection and respecting their dignity.”

‘Responsibility’, ‘protection’ and ‘dignity’ in the lexicon of the clerical regime and its cohorts in Iraq are pseudonyms for ‘mass execution with the hands tied’, ‘abduction’, ‘blowing things up with explosives’ and ‘stealing and ridding refugees and protected persons of their property’. In a similar manner, Khomeini called the death committee for massacre of political prisoners in 1988, the Amnesty Committee.

This statement goes on to say: PMOI organization “does not cease its falsifications and forgery of realities. It used some insignificant media that work for money to forge stories and falsify in order to mislead public opinion and conceal its crimes in physically eliminating the opposition to its leaders in its bases”. From the obscenity of the Minister of Human Rights in justifying this crime, one can deduce the scale of the atrocity and criminal conduct of Maliki and his forces.

Given the comprehensive responsibility of the U.S. government and the United Nations for the safety and security of all residents of Camp Ashraf and Liberty, the Iranian Resistance calls for their active intervention to secure immediate release of the hostages who are currently held by forces under command of Maliki near Baghdad airport.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

September 15, 2013