No one can deny that the political landscape is far different from when the nuclear was being discussed and agreed back in 2014-15. Back then, Iran promised that its government wanted to take a more moderate line and we’ve seen how that led to Iran’s increased sponsorship of terrorism, the further development of long-range ballistic missiles, and the beginning of two wars in Syria and Yemen.

No one is going to make the mistake of lifting sanctions on Iran again, no matter how big the blue wave, especially after the Iranian Regime launched several terror attacks against the US and Europe in recent months. No one could possibly believe that there is any moderation in Iran now.

The Iran lobby tried desperately to align themselves with any popular anti-Trump position, including attacking Trump on his immigration policies, but the US public wasn’t listening. Those concerned about Trump’s immigration policies are certainly not in favour of a Regime that destroys people’s human rights; why would they be?

To sum up, the American public, media, and politicians aren’t listening to the Iran lobby. They are instead concerned that the Iranian Regime is a human right abusing, nuclear bomb creating, terrorist group supporting dictatorship and the US wants to remove this threat to the world.

So what is the point of the Iran lobby in 2018? Nothing. And the truth is that they know it. That’s likely why National Iranian American Council founder Trita Parsi stepped down as President earlier this year and left Jamal Abdi to try and figure it out.

Abdi tried to take credit for Democrats taking back the house and claim that a blow to Trump is a victory for the Iranian-American community, but he does not speak for Iranian Americans. After all, many of them fled the Regime in Iran and the mullahs have a long track record of killing dissidents abroad.

Abdi then endorses several candidates, although there are serious doubts that they were happy with this endorsement, and advises that they will take a stand against Trump in favour of Iran; which is unlikely. Hopefully, come 2020, an endorsement by the NIAC will be as sickening as an endorsement by the KKK.