According to Ryan, US vision is similar to that of the UAE and Saudi Arabia regarding Iran’s threat to regional stability. He stressed that Washington’s vision regarding the need to root out the sources of terrorism is aligned with Abu Dhabi and Riyadh.

The Speaker of the House stressed, “We are focused on the Iranian threat. This is existential threat to you, this is an existential threat to Saudi Arabia. And I want you to know that we see this issue the same way you do.”

On Thursday, Ryan spoke at the Emirates Diplomatic Academy on Thursday, and emphasized that the United States is taking concrete steps to rein in Iran expansion, including stopping them from establishing “Hezbollah” like organizations in the region.

Ryan pointed to the recent protests in Iran, saying that this displays how the regime has turned segments of Iranian society against itself. “Iran’s regime is losing its hold on population,” he said, adding that Congress “will not remain silent about the plight of the Iranian people.”

He cited the resolution that the US House of Representatives passed early this month to support the Iranian demonstrations. He reaffirmed that the United States stands with the Iranian people and their pursuit of justice, freedom, and opportunity.

At the expense of US allies, such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia, Iran seeks to expand its influence in the region, and needs to be constrained by sanctions, according to Ryan.

He said, “Look at their violations of missile testing, look at what they’re doing in the region, look at what they’re doing in Syria, look at what they’re doing in Yemen,” and added, “There’s more that we can do from the economic side. We have the tools we can use along with our allies … that’s the discussion we’re having about tightening up sanctions and trying to get Europe involved in that.”

Ryan voiced his belief that the Iranian people are becoming better educated about their plight. “The Iranians now have more than 49 million smartphones, which shows that they are beginning to understand what is going on around them in various world countries.”

Expressing his hope for allies and partners in the region and the world, like the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt, Ryan agreed that the USA shares their concerns.