Villages Baba-Haydar and Fil-Abad in the city of Farsan, were attacked for the first time on Wednesday, July 21 by security forces to collect their satellite dishes. Reports claim that 300 dishes were collected and taken away.

The people however disregarded the measure and a few hours later almost all collected dishes were bought and installed again.

Since early July the Iranian regime’s state security forces have intensified raids on homes in a number of provinces in Iran.

A regime official recently admitted that the regime had failed in its bid to ban people from watching satellite TV channels.

Despite a 1994 law making satellite dishes illegal, up to 70 per cent of families have them and their use is increasing, state-run TV network boss Fardin Ali-Khah said.

“Although their use is now forbidden, they can be seen everywhere. Statistics show that the use of satellite dishes has never declined, and currently there is 50 to 70 per cent use of satellite dishes in Iranian families.”

Jamming satellite signals and other methods to prevent their use had also failed, and the government now needs to find other solutions, Ali-khah insisted.