ABNA reported that the two Revolutionary Guards killed in Aleppo Province were Mohammadreza Jabali and Abolfazl Rah Chamani.

The Iranian state broadcaster, reporting on the burial ceremony of the next three IRGC forces killed in Syria, identified them as Hamid Qassempour from Abadeh County, Mohsen Elahi from Estahban County, and Abouzar Ghavassi from Fasa County. Elahi was a general with 20 years of service in the IRGC.

Prior, on April 5, state media reported on six IRGC members killed in Syria along with seven Pakistani and Afghan nationals from the Zaynabiyoun and Fatemiyoun brigades. State TV and radio reported that Haidar Ebrahim-khani from Malayer Corps was killed in Syria. Additionally, in an interview with ISNA, Colonel Abbas Bayrami, deputy coordinator for Gilan Corps, stated that Saeid Mosaferi and Jamal Razi had been killed in Syria. Meanwhile, commander of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Corps Mohammad Soleimani said that IRGC Colonel Ali Taheri was killed in Syria. And the state-run Fars News Agency reported on the death of Revolutionary Guards Hessan Mirsayar and Mostafa Tash Moussa.

Rouhollah Hosseini, Mehdi Jafari and Bashir Natheqi from Fatemiyoun and Golfam Hossein, Amjad Ali, Seyyed Taj Hossein and Morteza Hossein Haydari from Zaynabiyoun who had been killed in Syria were buried on April 6 in the city of Qom. The Iranian regime dispatches some of the Pakistanis residing in Iran to Syria to fight against opponents of Bashar Assad as part of Zaynabiyoun Brigade while sending Afghanis residing in Iran as part of the Fatemiyoun Brigade.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) issued a statement on Friday, April 8, regarding the ramping up of the Iranian regime’s forces in Syria. This statement reads in part: “In a move unparalleled since the Iran-Iraq war, Khamenei has deployed his military on a large scale for export of terrorism and warmongering abroad. Amir Ali Arasteh, deputy coordinator of the army’s ground forces, stated that forces from the 65th Commando Brigade have been dispatched to Syria and other army units will join them as well.”

The statement adds: “In recent days, the IRGC has begun to ramp up its forces around Aleppo, and battalions of IRGC, Afghan Fatemiyoun, Lebanese Hezbollah, and Syrian militias have been amassing in this region in preparation to launch their assault against the Syrian opposition and FSA (Free Syrian Army). 

“To this end, a few weeks ago, two independent brigades of the Fars Corps have been deployed in Syria. IRGC Colonel Mohsen Mandani, one of the commanders of this force, was killed on March 20 in Khaan Tuman region in southern Aleppo. His replacement IRGC Brigadier General Mohsen Ellahi, along with other Revolutionary Guards, was also killed in the same area a few days later. Additionally, forces in Syria from the Nabi Akram Division of Kermanshah Province have doubled, reaching 1000.”