The members of this spy network were from Iran, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan. They were sentenced according to their own confessions and testimonies of the witnesses and available documents and proofs. The documents proved that the network has been formed with the aim of inflicting military, security and political strikes on Saudi Arabia and in favor of the Iranian regime. 

Members of the spy network had connections with high officials of Iranian regime’s Intelligence Ministry and leaders of the regime including Ali Khamenei, the regime’s Supreme leader, in order to receive funding and material and mental support. After surveillance and registration of documents, members of the network would send encoded reports to the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence through electronic accounts by using encoded software. They were also trying to create chaos and anarchy similar to the events in the city of Qatif. 

TH Saudi Arabia’ Interior Ministry announced in March 2013 that they have arrested members of an Iranian regime’s spy network in several areas including Mecca, Medina, Riyadh and eastern part of the country. 

Saudi authorities’ investigation of this network’s elements showed that these individuals were affiliated to Hezbollah militants. Posters and documents obtained from these people indicated that they praised the Hezbollah militia. The GCC countries have previously listed Hezbollah militants as a terrorist group.