The government of Iran is corrupt beyond belief. There are militias in the country’s security system and the foreign influence is huge.

The money belonging to the people of Iran is plundered on financing terrorism and Iran supports and heavily funds the Lebanese Hezbollah.

In Iraq, Iran’s involvement is heading in a familiar way in what seems like a repeat of history. It is creating another Shiite militia and is backing it in any way possible so that it carries out all the activities Iran wants to keep its hands clean of. This includes the persecution of ethnic minorities and sectarian cleansing as well as killing and corruption.

As some governments are powerless faced with the Iranian threat, others are standing up to the regime and are calling on the international community to assist. Peaceful Arabs across the region are making their voices heard and are holding demonstrations to fight against Iran’s sectarianism. The people of Iraq are particularly wary of Iran’s presence and are making it known that they want Iran’s hegemony and corruption to stop. Put simply, they are urging Iran to leave Iraq and to stop meddling in internal affairs that it should not be part of. They want their refugees to come home and they want the militias disarmed.

Arab Shiite cleric, Moqtada Al-Sadr, has a huge following and he publicly called for Iran to leave. He was in fact the first one to demand that it leaves. He wants the arms to be collected and the militias to be dismantled and an end to the conflict.

He and his likes need to be supported and backed up by the international community. Just like the people of Iran need to be supported. They too are victims of the Iranian regime.