By INU Staff

INU- While Iran is desperately trying to convince Europe to remain in the nuclear deal and ignore US sanctions on the mullahs’ regime, Swedish police have arrested an Iranian agent for plotting to kill an Arab activist in Denmark; the latest of the Regime’s malign plots in Europe.

In late October, Swedish security police in Gothenburg arrested an Iranian-Norwegian citizen for the “assassination” attempt of an Ahwazi Arab leader living in Denmark and handed him over to the Danish police, who days earlier had closed down the roads leaving the country in order to find the would-be assassin.

Denmark’s foreign minister called the attempted attack “completely unacceptable”, before Iranian ambassador Morteza Moradian was summoned to explain the Regime’s actions.
The quick response by the Danish government and law enforcement has been applauded by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Nordic countries, and the UK government, with its fellow EU countries supporting Denmark’s call for fresh EU sanctions against the clerical regime.

Pompeo tweeted: “We congratulate the government of Denmark on its arrest of an Iranian regime assassin. For nearly 40 years, Europe has been the target of Iran-sponsored terrorist attacks. We call on our allies and partners to confront the full range of Iran’s threats to peace and security.”

Meanwhile, the Regime was forced to deny and distract, as it usually does. Bahram Qassemi, Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman, called the arrest, the result of “spiteful” media reports by Iran’s enemies. Of course, no one believed this lie, because they could follow the patterns of Iran’s other malign plots in Europe in 2018 alone.

Iran has already tried to attack the opposition at a Persian New Year gathering in Albania in March, at a Free Iran rally, attended by 100,000 people, in France in June, and in July, Dutch authorities expelled two Iranian diplomats linked to the assassination of Iranian dissident Ahmad Mola Nissi last year.

The second plot led to the arrest of an Iranian diplomat to Austria Assadollah Assadi, who hired the would-be terrorists to carry out the attack and gave them the bomb. France responded by freezing the assets of the Iranian intelligence agency, expelling its Iranian diplomat, and pulling its diplomats out of Iran.

But how can we counter the Iranian Regime?
Reza Shafiee, a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), wrote: “To begin with, it should be a coordinated effort on both sides of the Atlantic to be effective. A first step in getting real with the Iranian regime in Europe may start with EU implements its own April 1997 decision.”

This would involve expelling all Iranian Intelligence operatives from European soil; a decision made after the Iranian Regime was found guilty of the 1992 Mykonos restaurant bombing.