“The Albanian authorities have identified these individuals and thanks to intelligence from informants inside the criminal organizations have prevented the plan (attack) of March 2018 and the eventual planning of attacks by organized crime members … on behalf of Iran,” Veliu said.

Iran’s regime has been crippled under international and domestic pressure, such as the ongoing international sanctions, the constant uprising in countries like Lebanon and Iraq against the regime’s influence and the incessant social unrest in Iran. According to the Iranian opposition, the regime has thus found no solution but to eliminate its only viable alternative, the MEK.


Since the safe relocation of the MEK members to Albania, the Iranian regime increased its activities against the MEK in Albania. The regime, terrified of the MEK’s growing influence in Iran, started a massive demonizing campaign through its websites and its network of the journalist, the opposition says. In addition, the Iranian regime twice attempted to bomb the MEK and the NCRI gathering in Albania and France. The plots were foiled, and the regime’s so-called “diplomat” Assadollah Assadi, was arrested for commanding and delivering a bomb to two other terrorists in Belgium to attack the NCRI’s “Free Iran” rally in Paris.

Last December, Albania expelled Gholamhossein Mohammadnia, the Iranian regime’s ambassador to Albania, and Mostafa Roudaki, head of the Iranian intelligence station, for “damaging its national security”.

The Iranian regime has tried to send undercover agents to Albania under the pretext of “family members” or the “former members of the MEK” or sometimes conducting business. In a related matter, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) in a statement on June 2019, revealed that “The Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) has allegedly recently prepared a terrorist delegation under the commercial and business cover to send to Albania. The head of this delegation is Gholam Hossein Kazemi, a senior criminal and veteran of the Revolutionary Guard Corps and director of a large contracting company named “Asia-Kar Bakhtar” in Shiraz, which is affiliated with the Khatam-Al-Anbia Garrison. The company has had several missions and projects in Syria. The executive director of this company is Saeed Kazemi, son of Gholamhossein Kazemi.”

Ali Fallahian, a former Minister of Intelligence of the regime, had said: “The Ministry of Intelligence needs cover to gather information, whether inside or outside of the country. We do not send an intelligence officer to Germany or the United States saying I am from the Ministry of Intelligence. It is necessary to have business or journalism cover… “(July 9, 2017).

For years the Iranian Resistance has said that the regime’s embassies in Europe are centers of espionage and terrorism.


The 2018 report by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution of Germany (Bundesamt fur Verfassungsschutz, BfV), which was released on June 27, 2019 by the Federal Minister of the Interior, Horst Seehofer and Thomas Haldenwang, head of the organization, examines the activities of the intelligence services of the Iranian regime in Germany. Referring to the role of the Iranian regime’s secret service in the “bombing plot against the annual gathering of the PMOI in June 2018 in Villepinte near Paris,” the report warns against intensifying the plots against the Iranian opposition.

Role of the pro-regime media

In concert with its terrorist activities, the regime is carrying out a demonization campaign against its opponents. In this regard, various mainstream media outlets are seen parroting blatant lies about the MEK and NCRI to somehow provide any possible life support for the Iranian regime.

These news agencies are mainly pro-engagement and pro-appeasement apropos the Iranian regime. The recent articles on NBC, Time and Der Spiegel are some examples of this failed campaign.

The only solution to end the regime’s terrorism is to take a firm policy towards this regime. As Ali Safavi of the National Council of Resistance of Iran said on Wednesday, “It is time that the Iranian regime’s embassies in Europe, including the one in Albania, be shut down. They are not diplomatic centers, but direct and facilitate the regime’s terrorist operations abroad.”