INU – The body of a Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guard has been returned to Iran after he was killed while on a mission in Syria.

The news of the burial comes despite repeated denials from mullahs that Iran as not sent troops to fight alongside dictator Bashar al-Assad’s forces.

Local websites in Gilan province have identified the IRGC members as Mohammad Hussein Atrian, whose funeral was held in the Revolutionary Guards HQ in the city of Rahst on June 8.

One website described Atrian as a ‘protector of Zyanab’s Holy Shrine’ in Damascus who was killed by enemy, while the Diyar Baran and Gilan Online sites said Atrian was killed while undertaking a mission.

‘Protectors of the Ziynab Holy Shrine’ is the cover used for a military units from the IRGC and Hezbollah fighting for Assad.

On May 4, the body of fellow IRGC member Amir Reza Alizadeh was buried in town of Roodsar after being killed in a bomb blast outside the Iranian embassy Damascus.


The latest deaths come after the head of the Free Syrian Army chief said this week that Iran and Hezbollah had been attacking his forces

General Salim Edris said ‘Iranian elements’ and more than 7,000 Hezbollah assaulted his soldiers in al-Qosair, which is under the control of the Syrian opposition.

General Edris urged the west for more ammunition to protest their citizens, and told the BBC World Service on May 30: “We are being killed. Please come and help us.”

Meanwhile Iran’s state-run Fars news agency reported on June 3 that a nephew of Iraqi PM al-Maliki had been killed fighting in Syria.

Fars published a message of condolence sent by mullah Lotfallah Safi Golpayegani to Maliki on the ‘martyrdom’ of his nephew ‘defending’ holy sites in Syria.

During the past few weeks, the bodies of a number of Iraqis killed fighting in Syria alongside Bashar al-Assad’s forces have been returned to Iraq, according to reports by other news agencies.