INU – Over recent days, the mullahs’ regime, simultaneous with its sham presidential election, arrested a number of PMOI supporters and family members of Ashraf and Liberty residents. Ms. Fatemeh Ziaii Azad, Mr. Hassan Saremi along with his 24 and 26 year old children and Mr. Mostafa are among the arrestees.

Ms. Ziaii, and Messrs, Saremi and Mostafa are ex- political prisoners of 80s. Where they were arrested and their current situation remains to be unknown.

Mr. Hassan Saremi is the brother of Mr. Ali Saremi who was martyred at age 63 after enduring 24 years of imprisonment in mullahs’ and Shah’s regime’s prisons. He was arrested and executed only for participation in a ceremony commemorating the massacred political prisoners in 1988 and for making a trip to Camp Ashraf to visit his son.

Ms. Fatemeh Ziaii Azad (Azimi),55, is the mother of two residents of Liberty. She was arrested in the morning of June 8 during the raid of regime’s intelligence agents to her house while being in bad physical condition and under treatment due to her MS illness. Intelligence agents inspected everything in the house and took with them her personal belongings.

Ms. Ziaii had spent five years in prison in 80s for supporting PMOI. She was arrested in 2009 for just visiting her children at Ashraf, and despite of her illness, she was sentenced to more than two years behind bars, three months of which was spent in solitary confinement at ward 209 of Evin Prison.

Nastran Azimi, 26, one of the relatives of Ms. Ziaii in Camp Ashraf, was killed during the brutal attack of Iraqi forces on the Camp on 8 April 2009.