An additional aim is to discredit the new Crown Prince, Muhammad Bin Salman, who declared war on terrorism and achieved measurable successes.

Wins against terrorist organizations in Arab and Muslim countries may have provoked anger and resentment, and the response was to pursue attacks, to carry out a hideous crime on the night of “khatma” (the reading of the last chapter of Qur’an), when 4 millions pilgrims and worshipers gather in one place behind one imam, and was watched live by 1.6 billion Muslims, plus billions more around the globe.

The question that Dr. Khaled M. Batarfi asks in his article for Al-Arabiya is, “How could anyone, whatever his religion, target the Holy Kaaba? How could he target the masses of believers in the most peaceful and spiritual moments?” He adds that, “The question is magnified and mystified when the doer is carrying the banner of Islam, citing the holy book, and claims to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him). How could a state, group, or an individual who embraces the peaceful religion of Islam target Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan, on the night of the Holy Qur’an, in the House of God, the Haram Al-Sharif?”

The suicide bombing that resulted in a stampede in one the most crowded place on earth, left behind huge losses and uncontrollable chaos. it was carried out under the eyes and ears of the Saudi leadership and their guests, the Arab and Muslim leaders, praying in Safa Palace, overlooking the Sacred House.

However, they overlooked the fact that the House is protected by the Lord, and that the State of Saudi Arabia used all its resources to secure the guests of the Beneficent, as well as that every Saudi citizen is their adversary, as well as that the Sword of Firmness will reach them wherever they may be — Iran included.

“As for those who motivated, guided and supported the terrorists, I have no doubt that they know exactly what they are doing. They sit in their safe houses with their children and families, and pay the fools to carry out their dirty worldly political agendas.” writes
Dr. Batarfi.

This terrorist plan against the Grand Mosque area in Mecca has been condemned by an Iranian opposition group,the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) the main opposition to the Islamic Republic who is based in France. They said in a statement on their website, “Those who are behind these inhuman and non-Islamic plans and who carry them out are the worst enemies of Islam and Muslims. The spirit of Islam and humanity are innocent of them.” The NCRI added, “The only party to profit from this shameful scheme that is repulsive to all Muslims in the world is the ruling religious fascist regime in Iran, which wants to drive the entire region into a quagmire of wars and crises.”

Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry said on Friday that it arrested five members of a cell that was planning an attack on the Grand Mosque area in Mecca. Security forces said the operation was planned by three terrorist groups, two based in Mecca and the third in Jeddah.

A special tribute was given to the security forces whose performance is appreciated in the service of the guests of Allah, and the security of the two holy mosques. They deserved the tribute of Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, which he made during his visit to the group that thwarted the terrorists’ malicious plans.

The international community should join The Islamic Nation and intensify their efforts to fight terrorism, abort terrorist schemes, and target all terror sponsors.