INU – Paris- In a statement issued today, the National Council of Resistance of Iran announced that it has received reports from inside Iran, indicating that Hassan Danaifar, clerical regime’s ambassador to Baghdad, has ordered Iraqi groups affiliated with the Iranian regime to again rocket attacks on Camp Liberty during the holy month of Ramadan.

According to the NCRI statement, last week Danaifar summoned to the regime’s embassy leaders of Asaib al-Haq and Iraqi Hezbollah groups, as well as senior Iraqi security officials and members of the Ashraf and Liberty Suppression Committee in the Iraqi Prime Ministry.   

NCRI statement said that another attack would likely be launched  on July 28-July 30, to coincide with the annual ritual, mourned by Shiites, marking the anniversary of the martyrdom of Ali, Shiites’ first Imam. 

Tehran’s ambassador has promised the Iraqi groups 107mm missiles and advanced machineguns in return, the NCRI statement added. Danaifar told members of the Suppression Committee to escalate pressures on Camp Liberty to make the situation intolerable for the residents.

About six months after the February 9 attack, the Government of Iraq (GoI) continues to obstruct the provision of minimum security requirements to Camp Liberty at the residents’ own expense. Hundreds of meetings with,  as well as letters and phone calls to U.S., Iraqi and UN officials in this regard have been futile.

In the camp’s management meeting on July 23, GoI’s representative informed the residents that his government opposes returning the protective T-walls, transferring the protective vests and helmets and medical equipment from Camp Ashraf to Liberty. He even opposed the entry of 200 shovels and hacks to the camp to dig rudimentary trenches. 

On February 11, the U.S. Embassy in Iraq declared that attacks similar to February 9 may recur at any time. The U.S. Embassy warned on July 26: “Terror attacks have claimed lives of several hundred people since February 2013, and such terror attacks may occur at any time.”

Underscoring the responsibility of United States and United Nations for the protection of Liberty residents, and considering that they were transferred to Camp Liberty with guarantees from the U.S. and the UN, the Iranian resistance called for immediate action to prevent a new massacre and to provide the minimum security requirements for Camp Liberty.