He expanded upon his point, stating that Assad’s regime no longer has any army or military force in Syria. “This regime,” he said, referring to Assad’s rule, “doesn’t have any military force or regular army capable of operating within the military rules and frameworks… while those who fight on the ground are the Iranian regime’s, Hezbollah and Iraqi militias.”

Furthermore, in a press conference in Istanbul Anas Al-Abdah, the Secretary General of The Syrian National Coalition, condemned the neglect of the international community with regards to the human cost in Syria. “All the besieged areas in Aleppo are bombarded without any international condemnation,” he said. “Despite the UN ceasefire, the Al-Va’ar district in Aleppo is still subjected to Russian bombings.” He demanded that the Arab Union and the United Nations to condemn these acts, especially the Hezbollah’s intervention in Alghasir.

He did praise some notable achievements on the backdrop of the tragedy. “25 villages have been liberated from ISIS following the operation Euphrates Shield,” he said. Dr. Alhariri echoed this with his statements on Al-Arabiya TV, saying that “Euphrates Shield is making constant progress.” He suggested the benefits of US intervention. “Any kind of direct war or a US proxy war against ISIS will definitely benefit the Syrian revolution and by no means will Bashar Assad benefit from that.”

Mr. Al-Abdah commented on the current state of frozen negotiations. “Russia, the Iranian regime, and the Assad’s regime have destroyed the negotiations and seek a military solution. A political solution has been suspended until further notice. We as the Syrian opposition and revolutionaries, however, are seeking a political solution.”

Dr. Alhariri and Mr. Al-Abdah suggested that help from the US is needed in Syria and that the US government should come to terms that Assad winning the war in Syria would equal a victory for countries like Iran and Russia. “Even Russia has acknowledged in private meetings that Assad’s regime doesn’t exist anymore and has no power to regain control over the Syrian territory,” Dr. Alhariri said. “Russia has stated that its military operation is not aimed at winning the war but it’s seeking to impose its conditions on the negotiating table. Bashar Assad does not have any army, military force or government institutions with which to regain control of Syria once again.”

Dr. Alhariri expressed his disappointment at the Obama’s presidency when the support from the US military was at a very low level. “We were faced with the worst scenarios which I don’t think … are ever going to happen now.”

He expressed his disbelief that things could be different, had Hillary Clinton won the election. “Nothing would have ever changed, since she had nothing new in hand, either. They wouldn’t set up a safe zone, nor would they arm the opposition with modern weapons. And even they wouldn’t provide the opposition with a typical military support more than what they’ve already done.”

Mr Al-Abdah stated their four demands from the US new government – “to declare the Bashar Assad’s regime illegal, to take a stance in line with the stances of Friends of Syria Group, to prevent the Syrian regime’s fighter jets from flying over the liberated lands and to put on the terrorist list the militia groups coming to Syria from Iran and Afghanistan.”