Wednesday, 30 October 2013

By Saeed Shams 

Engineer/Medical physicist

Albuquerque resident. 

It seems like we are stuck with the idea of negotiations with Iran.  We keep continuing with negotiations as a real and only solution to encourage the regime in Tehran not to continue with their two decade ambition to become a nuclear power.  We are worried that if the sanctions would continually get stronger and more meaningful it would affect the military apparatus in Iran and they would walk away from the negotiating table.  There is legitimate concern that the regime has long come to a understanding that without a being a nuclear state they wouldn’t be able to force their hegemonic doctrine of ‘Velayat Faghih’ on to the rest of the nations in the region.  

Two weeks ago more information was brought to the world’s attention by the main opposition to the ruling mullah’s in Iran describing in details that Iranian regime has been moving their leading research center responsible for military planning to a location just a few miles away leaving behind some dual-use related equipment and materials.  All revelations and information vital to stop armed nuclear Iran that was disclosed to the world by National Council of Resistance of Iran in exile has later been verified by US, and European intelligences.   The transfer of military grade nuclear research from a known site to an unknown location only serves to the reality that ayatollahs have no intention to stop their goal of becoming a armed nuclear power in the world.  

In a recent article in USA Today of October 25th, top nuclear experts expressed that “Iran could produce enough weapons grade uranium to build a nuclear bomb in as little as a month.”  However, the Oba ma administration has believes it would be a year before Iran could have enriched uranium to make bomb.  Even though there is great discrepancy between these estimates everyone is certain that Iran is moving toward developing a nuclear bomb.  To that extend the US congress believes there should be further tougher and meaningful sanctions to send a clear signal to Tehran that there will be real consequences not desired by them.  

As to yet another round of 5+1 government’s nuclear negotiations with Iran, they need to be brave and make this a different result from many talks before with Iran.  Otherwise, they will play into the hands of mullahs who will continue with the strategy of buying time with smiling while marching towards an inevitable armed with nuclear weapon Iran.