It would be a much wiser idea for the world at large to support the Iranian Resistance instead, specifically the People’s Mujahedin Organisation of Iran (MEK), who not only promote a peaceful attitude towards their neighbouring states but also advocate for a non-nuclear Iran with respect for human rights. Unlike the mullahs.

The MEK is the largest opposition group in Iran and, also, unlike the mullahs, enjoy wide-ranging support amongst the Iranian people. In fact, MEK support among the Iranian people is so high that the MEK has been the organising force behind many of the country’s nationwide anti-regime protests this year.

Even if the international community are unwilling to recognise the MEK as the true voice of the Iranian people, the Regime has. There is a growing acceptance among the mullahs that the MEK is responsible for mobilising the Iranian public and will continue to do so.

That’s why the mullahs are so desperate to suppress the MEK into silence, either through domestic repressions, such as the mass arrests of protesters or through targeting dissidents abroad, as with the terror plots planned by the mullahs against the MEK in the West.

Back in March, on the occasion of the Iranian New Year, the mullahs targeted the MEK in Albania, where many MEK refugees fed to escape the Regime. The Regime wanted to attack a New Years’ gathering held by the MEK in Tirana but was thankfully stopped by Albanian authorities.

In June, the Regime tried to bomb a MEK rally in Paris, with 100,000 people in attendance, including over 600 foreign dignitaries. This plot involved an Iranian diplomat from Vienna, who recruited the would-be car bombers. Four people including the diplomat have been arrested and France has said that the Regime’s Intelligence Ministry is responsible.

Then, in August, two Iranian agents were arrested for spying on the MEK in the US, including taking pictures and making notes that would then be passed onto the mullahs in order to plan attacks.

This should be enough on its own to make the international community realise that they should be supporting the MEK and not the mullahs, or at least that they should withdraw support for the Iranian Regime.

Member of the European Parliament Ryszard Czarnecki, the former European Minister of Poland, recently wrote that after the Paris attack and France’s investigation “the stage was seemingly set for the entire EU to adopt economic sanctions that France had already imposed on the [Iranian] Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS) and its agents”.

But nothing came of it, largely Czarnecki asserts because it would mean a lack of access to the Iranian markets and because Europe is less familiar with the MEK. (Although, this is strange because the MEK headquarters is in France.)

So, perhaps, Europe just needs to know more about the MEK and how it is the force capable of bringing freedom and democracy to Iran. Well, then they should listen to their members of Parliament, international experts, and the Iranian people.