After the destruction of Iranian forests, it is now the turn of the national and agricultural lands. The regime’s new policy has paved the way of the destruction of these lands. According to official statistics, the comparison of 2019 statistics with the statistics of 1956 shows that over the past six decades, more than 1.5 million hectares of Iran’s forests have been eliminated.

This broad destruction of the forests is continuing. According to the research of Tehran’s University, every second in Iran, 360 square meters are destroyed from the surface of the forests and pastures of the country.  In this way, if the destruction process continues at its current pace, in 2081 there will not be a trace of Iranian forests.

Changing the repurpose of agricultural lands is a disaster

But here we are not only talking about the destruction of the forests. In 2021, the Iranian government has started the destruction of the national and agricultural lands. Abbas Akhundi, former Minister of Roads and Urban Development, after the recent speech of Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader, warned over the “looting of natural resources and agricultural land.”

Abbas Akhundi wrote in a note that was released on Saturday in Iran’s state media: “A person on Twitter has recently announced that in the 2021 economic revolution, the change of agricultural land’s repurposing will be free. Of course, this is not the only idea of ​​this person. Tradespeople have always been sought to plunder natural resources and lands of agriculture of the oppressed with a partially face.”

Hojatollah Abdul Mamelki, who introduced himself as “an expert of the resistance economy and the faculty member of Imam Sadiq University”, claimed after Khamenei’s Persian new year message that in the “economic revolution of 2021, changes in the repurposing of agriculture lands are free and in the possession of the owner. That is, the owner of the agriculture land can have industrial, livestock and poultry farming activity.”

If the claim of this ‘expert’ is correct, the meaning of this act is the destruction of the Iranian agriculture. Because, given the low production profit in the country, the best path for profitability is the change in the repurpose of land uses and turning these lands into constructions which will actually lead to the agricultural death in Iran.

Iranian parliament’s new plan

Abbas Akhundi said about the destruction of national lands, “88,000 hectares of national lands between 1973 and 2013, over 40 years, have been destroyed.”

He added: “Based on Article 9 of the production boom and housing supply that was approved on February 14, 2021, in the parliament, it is decreed that the country’s Forests, Range and Watershed Management Organization should hand over national lands located in the range and outside the range of the cities, as well as lands approved by the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development for settlement plans within a maximum of two months. The same extension is considered for the housing foundations too.”